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6 Hour Regularity Relays

The AHSDC has a long association with 6 Hour Regularity Relays.

2017 Events

This year the club aims to participate in the 6 Hour Regularity Relays listed below.

We are looking for people interested in participating as either driver, team manager or team support.

Teams usually consist of 4 to 6 drivers/cars with a team manager and a volunteer timing person or persons. If enough interest is shown then multiple teams may be entered - however some events fill up very quickly and places cannot be guaranteed.

You only need a level 2 license and a suitably prepared car to join the fun!

If you are seriously interested in any of these events please contact John Sheperdson at john@lenhamspridgetregister.com or at a club meeting. If anyone has any questions John would be more than happy to have a chat about what is involved.

Event Entries Results
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 July, Victorian 6 Hour Regularity Relay, Phillip Island Open around mid-May 2017

Saturday, 6th May 2017: 6-Hour Relay at Mallala

ALL BRANds wins the Peter Hall Memorial 6 Hr Relay, held at Mallala!

Dark side finished 12th, which was a great effort as they had not run together before as a team. They consisted of John Powderham, Charlie Brown, Mark Lacey and Jim Emmett. John is a semi-regular. Charlie usually runs with Denni Muster, but was surplus to requirements and looking for a ride. Mark and Jim are South Australians that didn’t have a team. Brenton Johnson (Iain’s son), was on the stopwatch and pit board while Rae wrote times for both teams.

Thanks to the assistance of Sue Stephenson, I managed to put the team together as Darkside. Neither Mark nor Jim had had run in a 6 Hr before. In fact Mark had not driven on a circuit for quite a number of years, as he concentrates on Tarmac Rally and Hillclimb. So, as you can see, to finish in the top half is brilliant.

We also had some help from one of Mike’s mates, Jim and Clive Spreadbury from the SA Sprite Club. Clive has expressed interest in running with us at Winton in his 2A and Chris Brine from SA is interested also.

There was to be an All Sprites team but, unfortunately, the wheels fell off at the last minute and it was scratched!

ALL BRANds also went to Eastern Creek over the Easter weekend for the Regennex 6 Hour where, after some trials and tribulations, we finished 6th. It was the second running of that event and we were the first Vic team to enter. The competitors and officials were very welcoming and it was another terrific weekend, although being so close to Mallala it was a bit stressful to do both events.

Next up is the Victorian 6 Hour Relay at Phillip Island in July, if we get accepted.

Entries are by lottery and, even though we won it last year, there is no guarantee that we will get in this year. First in, best dressed.

October 14/15 is the AROCA 12 Hour. We are looking forward to this one very much!

John Shepherdson

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