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Club Meetings - Archives

Friday 5th February 2016

More than 70 members came along to the first meeting of the year and enjoyed the sumptuous bbq and salads provided. As promised, the weather was perfect and everyone sat outside socialising until it was time to have the official meeting. Many members came in their Sprites and we had two excellent examples inside for people to view. Both Nathan and Dennis gave us a rundown on their vehicles and how they came to be Sprite owners; then President Greg and the 2016 Committee read out their reports. A good start to our 50th Anniversary year!

See Photo Gallery/Social
for pics of the evening.

Friday 4th March 2016

Our March meeting saw Mike Welsh and his daughter Lucy recount their amazing adventures in India and Sri Lanka. Some amazing photographs and even more amazing stories, especially Lucy being the best foreign bride!!

Friday 1st April 2016

Thanks to John for doing a magnificent job of hosting a wonderful trivia night at the last club meeting. We had two teams, made up of ‘volunteers’ (volunteered by John) from the audience, the Round Wheel Arches (Mandy P-J, John Moore and Jeff Smith) and the Square Wheel Arches (Simon Browning, Peter Harrison and John Fowler). It was a fun and fact filled event with everyone dredging the recesses of their minds (especially when it came to recognizing faces in 30 year old photos). Scoring, as usual, was highly controlled and extremely accurate but in the end it all boiled down to the final question (funny – exactly the same thing happened last year!!). Both teams were showered with chocolates for correct (and incorrect answers) as were the audience. Ultimately there can only be one winner and the Round Wheel Arches were victorious. Two highlights of the night were, John’s line (after stumbling over a few words) “Never get your teeth from Tobin Brothers” and the screening of Episode 2 of Skippy which featured a Mk2 Sprite and some very wooden acting. Unfortunately we ran out of time and will have to wait for the next trivia night to find out what happened to Skip – “tsz, tsz, tsz”. The trivia competition was followed by our usual meeting and then another yummy supper.

Friday, 6th May 2016

A 24-hour race; 100 vehicles; super-fit athletes; teams from around the country and Internationals…sounds like Le Mans, but it isn’t!

This is HPV (Human-Powered Vehicle) racing. Club member Ian Maud has been working with teams of students to design, build and compete in HPVs for many years and gave an excellent presentation (with ‘in-car’ video) at this meeting. Ian also brought along a couple of their vehicles to have on show. We heard all about the trials and tribulations of endurance racing, HPV-style!

Friday, 3rd June 2016

Remember Baldrick? "We have a cunning plan tonight!" It turned out to be a very entertaining and interesting evening for one and all, with "guest" speakers from the assembled crowd telling us about their Sprites/Midgets/Associate cars and some of their experiences with them. You just never know what surprises can emerge!

Friday, 1st July 2016

After the success of the June meeting, we had our very own special guest speaker, Peter Wezenbeek.

After his stint in Formula One, he is currently working with the Matt Hall Racing Team in the Red Bull Air Races. Peter is an expert at “Real Time” management and his talk was both entertaining and informative. The videos of the racing were breathtaking and it's good to see Aussies on the ground and up in the air doing so well around the world.

There was no General Meeting in August - 50th Anniversary celebrations at the end of July!

Friday, 2nd September 2016

After the fun and frivolity of the Nostalgia Night, it was back to business as usual. Our guest speaker for the September meeting was Keith Mortimer. A long time member of the Jaguar Club of Victoria, Keith has some interesting cars, one of which (a Rolls Royce) he brought to the meeting.

Friday, 7th October 2016

Daryl Meek, RACV's Motoring Interests Manager, gave us a potted history of his life, car collection and the RACV Heritage Collection, of which he is in charge. He brought along an Austin 7 Utility Coupe, which was the original car from the Patrol Fleet in the ‘30s. An interesting point was that it had a longer body than the usual Utility so that it could be converted to carry an ambulance stretcher!!

Long time member John Beaumont brought his Mk3 (which also happens to be up for sale). John says it doesn’t get as much use nowadays as it isn’t the most comfortable on long trips!

Friday, 4th November 2016: AGM and Pie Night!

November was the AGM. The election results are in!!

The new Committee has been chosen, even the Comp. Sec(s).

After all the fuss and palaver of 2016, the 2017 Committee can put their feet up and cruise along, basking in the glory of the previous incumbents!

AND "Man about the House" was highly sought after during the raffle procedures.

Friday, 2nd December 2016: Mike and John's Swansong!

This was the official Christmas Meeting. What a build up!!

We re-visited the Nostalgia Night theme. There were tables with memorabilia, video presentations and, of course, a visit from the t(not quite so) fat bloke in the Red Suit - there were even be some chocolates thrown around. Spiffing trophies were awarded for Spritely achievements. Once again the raffle was a highlight! And a great job was done by our Club Meetings people.

Friday, 3rd February 2017: General Meeting and Welcome Back BBQ

Great weather for the first meeting of the year so people gathered outside to have a BBQ, a few bevs and some good conversation. Two events of importance: John and Jan Fowler became grandparents a couple of days before: proud parents Hayden and Alison Fowler welcomed Georgina Rae and Bob Lomas and Glenys Phillips announced their long-awaited engagement. Congratulations to all!

Friday, 3rd March 2017: Monthly General Meeting

I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the last meeting which hosted two heavily disguised club members one wearing a strange hat and occasionally speaking in “sign” language, and dare I say his accomplice pretending to manage an outrageous score sheet. Never have I seen a more informative performance and or successful presentation of “must know “information, so successfully delivered.

Forget the Thesaurus, forget Webster’s, forget all that you know (and some team members seemed to embrace that idea). We now have a benchmark for obtuse information that will be difficult to top, and a scoring system that would require a VRC steward’s enquiry and or the equivalent WBF scoring dispute. Already both teams including the winners have demanded a recount, if only to check for IT faults in the scoring system.

I personally think that all who attended were the winners and it was a hilarious night, only cut short by the rumored possible arrival of Work Safe Victoria as there were more missiles being thrown than North Korea and more ducks occurred than unofficially recorded by the Australian Cricket team. Thanks for all those who attended the night and in particular our brilliant and engaging guest speakers on the night.

Jules Hogan

Friday, 7th April 2017: Monthly General Meeting

Our next speaker for April was not bringing chocolates!

Robert Lewis a published historian came to entertain us. Robert recently published “The Story of Australia”, a new book looking at the big ideas that have shaped a country and its people. A different perspective on things is how he describes his new book.

Friday, 5th May 2017: Monthly General Meeting

There were over 55 members present, at the most recent club meeting which was not bad considering the club had several teams competing at the Mallala 6 hour. Outside there were 2 Spridgets and 1 Healey . Inside we had on display a Mark 7 Bolwell owned by Darren who was our first guest speaker, who advised us that the car had only been back on the road for 18 months. Darren also gave a short history of Bolwell enterprises, about how they created 5 different models and produced about 800 cars in total between 1962 and 1979 earning them a significant place in Australian motoring history.

Chris Knoop then regaled us with his adventures competing in 3 Cannonball runs . He also has a collection of vintage bikes and cars, to fill in the long winter evenings when he is not participating in the Newport Folk Music club.

To be accepted to complete in the cannonball run is special because you have to be invited to participate and only about 100 riders were chosen to be invited to the historic 2016 cannonball run which was contested over a course of 3304 miles and the bikes had to be at least 100 year old motorcycles. Most of the route was on two-lane back roads with less than 100 miles on state interstate highways in all kinds of weather and altitudes. An ambitious ride to say the least, with distances averaging around 300 miles per day and described as a ‘true endurance run”.

Chris brought in his 1915 JAP V twin, with 3 speed Burman Gearbox and belt final drive which he ran in the 2016 Cannonball Run and at the end of the night he started the machine and treated us all to a mighty thunderous roar from an engine that is full of life. The motorcycle is beautifully restored as a working model of engineering ingenuity and a credit to the restorative work by Chris and his team.

Friday, 2nd June 2017: Monthly General Meeting

Our June meeting guest speaker was the President of the Melbourne Clivia Group, Michael Barrett, who came in to talk about these plants, the history of Ripponlea Estate and its gardens. At one time, there was a team of 17 gardeners, one of whom, James Dearing, proved to be one of the best plant growers on the estate.

Michael described how the development of clivias and orchids played a significant part in the development of the gardens and the innovative shade houses on the estate. He finished the night by answering the many questions from the audience. Who would have thought that a group of car enthusiasts would so such interest!

Friday, 7th July 2017: Monthly General Meeting

The July meeting hosted two members from the organization for Climate for Change. Jeremy Dore was our main guest speaker, and was supported by another member of the organisation.

Climate for Change is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation seeking to raise awareness about the effects of climate change by engaging in conversation with both individuals and groups in order to consider the public’s knowledge and opinion on these issues.
The meeting had over 50 members present on the night, all of whom were challenged by the presenter to make a statement of their understanding of climate change. Furthermore, they were asked to display their knowledge by forming a line, arranged from those with from little awareness or knowledge to those with a deeper understanding of the issue. This challenged all members to consider not only their knowledge and awareness of the current issues but also their understanding of the arguments, with a focus on where they stood within the debate.

All opinions were heard, and the voices of those who do not consider climate change to be an issue were given equal attention. This was a part of the facilitator’s strategy; he sought to create opportunities for discussion of both the individual and the community responses to climate change.

The facilitator engaged with a large group of diverse members and gave all members a chance to voice an opinion and create a discussion which was both lively and left many questions open for personal thought and perhaps community action. (http://www.climateforchange.org.au/about) for more information.

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