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Competition Hints and Rules

Sprites racing at Winton Historics. Photo: David King

(photo by David King - Winton)

Introductory notes for speed events



As a current financial member of our Club, which is affiliated with the Confederation of Motor Sport , you can start competing in speed events by applying for a Level 2 Speed CAMS Licence. Fill out the application form available on the CAMS website and submit with appropriate fee.

A Level 2S license enables you to compete at Club level (MSCA) Sprint & Regularity events, various open Historic race meetings in their Regularity events and at Hill Climbs.


It has become very difficult for individual car clubs to organize a driver training day or sprint meeting for their members due to the increasing cost of track hire and the need for a large number of experienced officials in place before CAMS will grant a permit. Entering a Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA) event is the perfect way to start and I will concentrate on their events here.

WHAT IS MSCA? Marque Sports Car Association is an alliance between the Austin Healey Owners' ™ Club, the Alfa Romeo Owners' ™ Club of Australia, Austin Healey Sprite Drivers' ™ Club, Bolwell Car Club of Australia, Club Lotus Australia, Fiat Car Club, Nissan Datsun Sports Owners' ™ Club, Triumph Sports Owners' ™ Association and the Sports Owners' ™ Club of Victoria. MSCA is organized by a voluntary Executive Committee plus a delegate from each club. As well as cars from the above clubs, there is a large number of classic and modern marque sports cars eligible to compete at MSCA events. Only members of the organizing clubs are eligible to compete for trophies, although we have visitors enter from other clubs.

PURPOSE OF MSCA The purpose of MSCA is to enable club members to compete in SPEED EVENTS on race tracks using road registerable marque or non-marque cars at an affordable cost. You can experience Phillip Island, Sandown, Calder, and Winton race circuits, and Morwell Hill Climb. Events are professionally organized and run to meet CAMS and AAASA standards of safety.

HOW DO THEY WORK? These events are NOT RACES. They are timed laps at a race circuit. There are a limited number of cars on the track at once (typically 10 - 20). The field is spread out to provide space between the cars, and is flagged off at intervals from pit lane. This is NOT a standing race start. The first lap is a warm up lap and timing starts at the end of the first lap. Starting in 2008 MSCA is using the Dorian electronic timing system which will allow larger run groups, less groups and therefore more runs per group and better value for your entry fee. Limited to 100 hired units, plus entrants who own their own Dorians, we can run up to 20 per group at Calder, Winton and Sandown, and up to 26 at the larger Phillip Island track. With a run time of 10 to 15 minutes per session, and up to 4 sessions for the day, you can achieve more than 25 timed laps for the day!


(A) Regularity

The Regularity component is designed for those competitors who choose not to run at race speed but to drive their vehicles at a pace of their own choosing for their own enjoyment. It is particularly aimed at drivers of valuable cars or older, fragile cars, who do not want to risk damage or stress to their cars by driving at race speeds in the Sprints. Race prepared cars are generally not permitted. Regularity is a competition of setting consistent lap times . Other drivers on the circuit in a Regularity session will also be driving at their own pace with an intention of returning consistent times rather than a fast speed or time. Dicing by competitors in the Regularity event is prohibited. Whilst overtaking of a slower car is permitted, it can only be done when safe for both cars, and once a competitor has been passed they may not re-pass the car that passed them for the remainder of that lap. If a faster car should want to pass, indicate by clearly pointing which side they should overtake and maintain a steady line while they do so. The driver of the passing car will then know that you have seen him. In the morning, a timed practice session will be conducted (during which drivers can do whatever speed they are comfortable with), after which each competitor will nominate a designated lap time for the event - YOU choose your time. Then you do your timed sessions as described above, with the aim of achieving your target time on EVERY lap. The number of sessions and the number of laps in each session will be determined by the organisers having regard to the orderly conduct of the program, and the time available. For each lap on which the competitor records a lap time less than his nominated time, a penalty of two points per tenth of a second of the error shall apply. For each lap greater than his nominated lap time a penalty of one point per tenth of a second of the error shall apply. The winner is the competitor who has completed the required number of laps and has accrued the least penalty points.

(B) Sprint

Sprint Class D 2500 to 3500cc for the quicker Healeys. MSCA says "not to be seen to be racing". Aggression is frowned upon but you drive as fast as you can and pass anywhere, but SAFELY. The fastest 2 laps are taken into account. You will get up to 4 timed sessions with a chance for more if the day has run smoothly. Fastest Class D cars do Winton long track in 1:39, Sandown 1:26, P.I. 1:52 and Calder 1:07.


1. All cars are scrutineered for safety and must meet the Supplementary Regulations of the meeting
2. Meetings are run to CAMS or AASA standards.
3. Senior officials monitor driver behaviour - inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
4. This is a TIMED EVENT NOT A RACE 5. You compete on a race circuit with a smooth surface, good vision, all cars are going in the same direction and with a limited number of cars on the track at one time there is ample room to run off the track without car damage. Repeated laps lead to building of confidence, predictability and improved performance.

TO ENTER Download a form from www.msca.net.au or join the Team Healey email list and have one sent to you for each event. Entries become available about 3 weeks before the event and close on the Wednesday before unless already fully subscribed.

Let Bob Lomas know if you are entering. Entry fees vary for different events and are subject to change if costs increase or the free hire of the Dorian timers is not sustainable. MSCA is bearing the cost of Dorian hire in these entry fees at present. Note that it is your responsibility to return the Dorian timer at the end of the day. If you take it home it is your responsibility to return it to BENDIGO ! If you lose it it will cost you $500 for the loss !! You can of course use your own Dorian.

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