Rescheduled due to COVID-19 lockdown

Social Drive and Economy Run

Now Sunday 8 August 2021

Come along for our Social drive and Economy run.

This event will also be part of the Sprite Championship & points will be accrued if requested

More details to follow, but I’d love to finish the drive by a nice warm fire and a glass of red wine.

Start time:  10.00am

Meeting place:  Shell Coles Express, Burwood Highway, Vermont South.

Morning Tea/Break

Lunch:  12.30pm Kinglake Hotel

Please book with Chris or 0404354449 to secure your place for lunch.

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary in 2021 of the MK 2 Sprite and MK 1 Midget

AHSDC commissioned “Classic Lines Artist” Mike Harbar to create a beautiful artwork commemorating the upcoming 60th Anniversary of the MK 2 Sprite and MK1 Midget.

Limited Edition prints of this work are now available:

A2 prints at AU$94.80 plus relevant postage costs
A3 prints at AU$61.50 plus relevant postage costs
International orders are most welcome.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist, and bear his embossed mark in the lower right of the frame, balancing the AHSDC logo at the left.

Don’t miss your opportunity to acquire a unique piece of art. Send your order to Greg Corbin at

In mid-2021, the original Mike Harbar artwork will be auctioned at a special celebratory event.



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