By way of explanation, the President is voted in by members present at the Annual General Meeting in November of each year; the Sprite Championship award is made to the person who has achieved the highest number of points after competing in all facets of competition on offer in a particular year (motorkhana, speed event, hillclimb, observed section trial); the Clubman Award is decided by the Committee each year and goes to a member (or members in a joint award) who has been a good ambassador for the Club, has attended a variety of events and has shown a willingness to assist the Committee or other General members.

Life Membership is awarded from time to time, (now) on the recommendation of current Life Members to the Committee. This person (or persons) is/are deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the Club and its continuing success.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information below is correct.

Presidents, Sprite Champions and Clubman Awardees

Year Presidents Sprite Champions Clubman Award
1966/7 Alan Elliot Chris Lawson Mk1 Not Awarded
1967/8 Chris Lawson Phil Evett Mk3A David Sibley
1968/9 Mike Hogg Phil Evett Mk3A Darryl Walker
1969/70 Mike Dore Ken Cathie Mk1 Phil James
1970/1 Steven Buffington Mike Dore Mk1 Ray English
1971/2 Nigel Postill Steve Buffinton Mk3 John Fowler
1972 Ivor Bumbers Julian Plummer Mk3A Julian Plummer
1973 Colin Boyd Nigel Postill Mk2A Tom & Marg Groves
1974 Nigel Postill Nigel Postill Mk2A John Fowler
1975 John Fowler John Fowler Mk1 Tony Bennetto
1976 John Fowler Mick Hayward Mk2A Jan Browning
1977 Alex Robertson Mike Dore Mk1 Clive Dawes
1978 Mike Dore Mike Dore Mk1 Tony Young
1979 John Fowler Alex Robertson Mk4 Coupe Jim Dewar
1980 Tony Young Ian Maud Mk1 Wayne Walker
1981 Bob Lomas / Wayne Walker Ian Maud Mk1 Gerry van Oosterom
1982 Barry Payne Brian Knights Myriam James
1983 Roger Parry-Jones John Fowler Mk1 Tony Young
1984 Jim Dewar Ian Maud Mk1 Not Awarded
1985 Myriam James David Constable Mk 3 Gerry & Bib van Oosterom
1986 Ian Maud Owen Crombie Mk2A Steve Schmidt
1987 Ian Maud Owen Crombie Mk2Axxx Jim Dewar
1988 John Moore Mike Dore Mk1 Kira Moore
1989 Owen Crombie Mike Dore Mk1 Phil Read
1990 Owen Crombie Owen Crombie Mk2A Russell Davies
1991 John Moore Owen Crombie Mk2A Michael Petts
1992 Myriam Greenland Owen Crombie Mk2A Dennis Flynn
1993 Simon Hughes Owen Crombie Mk2A Mike Trathen
1994 Owen Crombie Simon Hughes Mk2A Jack de Bruijne
1995 Angela Hervey-Tennyson Owen Crombie Mk2A Faye Andrews
1996 Christine Crombie Christine Crombie Mk2A Rob & Debbie Couper
1997 Jack de Bruijne Christine Crombie Mk2A Ian Milvain
1998 Rob Couper Tony Young Mk2 Peter Brice
1999 Tony Young Simon Hughes Mk2A Sue Gardiner
2000 Tony Young Simon Hughes Mk2A Not Awarded
2001 Owen Crombie Chris Crombie Mk2A Della Watson
2002 Bryce Young Chris Crombie Mk2A Jack & Kay de Bruijne
2003 Bryce Young Brendon Crombie Not Awarded
2004 Jack de Bruijne Rod Wells Not Awarded
2005 John Fowler Rod Wells John Roberts
2006 Tony Bennetto Christine Crombie John Fowler and Karen Postill (shared award)
2007 Tony Bennetto Scott Burgess Colin Wallace
2008 Greg Corbin Scott Burgess Jeff Smith
2009 Greg Corbin Simon Hughes Mk2A Sue & Graham Dows
2010 Greg Corbin Owen Crombie Terri Corbin
2011 Greg Corbin Peter Clarke Peter Clarke
2012 Greg Corbin Brendon Crombie Graham & Sue Dows
2013 Greg Corbin Peter Clarke/ Graham Dows Jeff Smith
2014 Peter Clarke Peter Clarke Not Awarded
2015 Peter Clarke Peter Clarke Gary and Lorraine Boyd
2016 Greg Corbin Owen Crombie John Fowler and Karen Postill (shared award)
2017 Greg Corbin Mike Dore Dennis Varley
2018 Greg Corbin Mike Welsh Mandy Parry Jones
2019 Mike Welsh Rod Wells Jeff Smith

Life Members

Year Awarded Name Numbers
1967 Alan Elliot (Founder of AHSDC) 1
1967 Stratton Langslow (Club Solicitor) Honorary (non-voting) 2
1976 Ray English 3
1976 Nigel Postill 4
1977 Karen Postill 5
1983 John Fowler 6
1987 Jim Dewar 7
1988 Tony Young 8
1988 Gerry & Bib van Oosterom 9 and 10
1989 Mike Dore 11
2000 Owen Crombie 12
2008 Christine Crombie 13
2008 Simon Hughes 14
2008 Barry Payne 15
2008 Warren Reid 16
2019 Greg Corbin 17