At the end of January 2015, the new club permit requirements came into play. For those people with an existing Club Permit with AHSDC, nothing changes with regard to the renewal that you receive from VicRoads each year (this still has to be signed off by a club signatory when the permit is due for renewal). However, remember that you need to be a financial member of the Austin Healey Sprite Drivers’ Club Inc. This means rejoining each year BY THE 1st OF JANUARY of the forthcoming year if you have an ongoing Club permit. IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP LAPSES THEN YOUR PERMIT(S) IS CONSIDERED TO BE INVALID. You also need to fill in the AHSDC Acknowledgment form at the start of each year whereby you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the scheme. This will either be sent out towards the end of each year, or can be obtained from Warren Reid.

Apply for a new Club Permit:

If you have a new car to put on the club permit scheme, or are transferring a car from another club or from another member, then the following requirements apply:

  1. You need to download or obtain from VicRoads and fill in the “Club Permit Application” and the “Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration” forms. Both these forms then need to be signed by the club permit officer, Warren Reid. If Warren Reid is unavailable, other club signatories are available (see below).
  2. Any signatory signing off the “Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration” MUST SIGHT THE VEHICLE FOR WHICH THE CLUB PERMIT IS BEEN APPLIED FOR and to assess the extent (if any) of modifications.
  3. You must obtain a current Victorian Roadworthy Certificate for the vehicle and supply a copy to the Club Signatory.
  4. You must fill in the AHSDC Acknowledgment form (if not already done so) and return to Warren Reid (these can be supplied by Warren)
  5. You must supply 6 (time stamped) photos covering the various details of the car as shown below to Warren Reid. Preference is for electronic versions of photos.
  6. Once items 1 to 5 have been addressed then you take the signed club signatory forms along with the RWC to a VicRoads office and pay for either a 45 or 90 day permit and receive the plates to place on the car.

Photos required for a new Club Permit:

  1. Front of car
  2. Back of car
  3. Chassis number
  4. Engine number
  5. Drivers side
  6. Drivers side door

Renew a Club Permit:

  1. You must fill in the AHSDC Acknowledgment form (if not already done so) and return to Warren Reid (these can be supplied by Warren)
  2. Have the Club Permit renewal form signed by a club signatory (see below)
  3. Pay the Club Permit renewal fee at either online or at a VicRoads office
  4. To pay online, you must:
  • have, or sign up for, a myVicRoads personal account
  • ensure the car is accurately listed in your account
  • scan and upload the CPS renewal form, signed by a club signatory.

Club Signatories:

  1. Warren Reid (Club Permit Officer) 9 Giana Court, RINGWOOD NORTH 3134. Mob: 0432 604 076  email:
  2. Mike Welsh
  3. Owen Crombie
  4. Garry Neeman

More information on the requirements of the scheme and relevant forms can be found on the VicRoads website.