2021 Sprite Championship Calender-JUNE UPDATE

The Sprite championship is now nearly half way through, however with nearly a quarter of the events being cancelled the latest being The Bend in SA, our competition is at best a bit of a shambles.

Hopefully we will have no further cancellations.

Remaining events scheduled for the 2021 year are:

10th July  Huntly Saleyards (Bendigo) bitumen Motorkana (BCC)

11th July Sandown Sprints/Regularity (MSCA)

25th July  Economy run (AHSDC)

15th Aug Winton Sprints/Regularity (MSCA)

29th Aug  Ballarat Autocross  Kanacross  (BLCC)

12th Sept Phillip Island Sprints/Regularity (MSCA)

2nd Oct Sandown Sprints/Regularity (MSCA)

3rd Oct Rob Roy Hillclimb Interclub Challenge Round 3 (MGCC)

Mid Oct(TBC) Winton 12HR Regularity (AROCA)

21st Nov Packenham grass Motorkana  (PAC)

You can compete in as many or as few events as you like & points will be awarded,

however the Sprite Championship will be determined as per the Competition Rules.

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