Back in August 1967 I came across Mr Bug sitting on the revolving turntable at Pitstop Motors. At the time I was looking for my first car, it had to be a Bug Eye Sprite as my brother-in-law had one and it was one of the vehicles that I learnt to drive in.

Ross Wyn invited me into the showroom and there he was, after a test drive, negotiations, etc, the day came to take possession of HHC 602. He needed an advance and retard line, so off to Hawthorn Wreckers; that was where Hans Hauck Rogers came on the scene. After a coffee and a chat with Hans and Marie at their flat, I became a member of the Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club.

My first event soon followed. It was a motorkhana at Belmont Common – after this event many more followed, Mr Bug actually ran at the last official Templestowe Hill Climb!

As records show I won the ballot and became a Nasho in September 1968 and in December I was off to Vietnam, so I gave my father instructions to sell Mr Bug – that took place and it went to a Mr M. Stiff in Shepparton, so that was that!

On my return I purchased a new Mazda 1300 Coupe. In this vehicle I became an Associate Class Driver for several years in all forms of club competition and as the years rolled on, in 1976 The Olde Girl (now CH 2099) came on the scene: the rest is history – 32 years on.

Several years ago, whilst buying parts at The Healey Factory and also looking at John Moores big beast being prepared for America, much to my delight, I was reacquainted with Mr Bug.

Now I am pleased to announce the Mr Bug has come home to the care of Chris and Jim: ironically Mr Stiff Junior was the last owner of the car and it was last registered in 1999. Now HHC 602 has gone full circle – two owners only in 38 years!