This car was fully restored between 2007 and 2011 to a metal finish standard and painted in
White Pearl. It is fitted with a 1310cc engine and Midget gearbox both overhauled as part of
the restoration by Colin Dodds in Sydney. The engine has a Weber and extractors with a
mild cam and head, leaving the car eminently driveable as a brisk road car.
The interior is completely refurbished and has a custom-made hood and tonneau. The car
has had multiple concours class wins including National Challenge events in 2012, 2014,
2016 and 2018.More information about the car in the 50 th anniversary year book (p242).
Darryl has decided that the car is not being driven sufficiently and it is time to find a home
where it can be used and appreciated.
For anyone interested, please contact Darryl Walker on 0403 445 504 for more details
and asking price.