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Many members (and ex-members) have shared their expertise and knowledge – often learned the hard way – for the benefit of other Sprite/Midget owners.

Below you will find links to some of the many articles which have appeared over the years in the Club’s magazine “Goblins’ Gazette”. Wherever possible, they have been inserted in chronological order.

Should you wish to add your experiences to this page, please forward a Word document to the Club’s email address: and it will be considered for publication.

Bugeye Windscreen Replacement

I was very pleased with the fit of the seal I got from British Vic ... it actually fits correctly in the bottom corners which seems to be uncommon in most I have done. I always use a little more sealant in the corners to compensate just as a precaution. – as many do leak there. I have the BMC [...]

Repair of the Temperature Gauge ‘Sender’

The following is a fix for the bourdon tube type temp gauge ‘sender’ that has worked for me so far. I believe the most common fault with these is a break in the small pipe, usually where it goes into the tube which in turn lives in the intake manifold. The first step is pretty straight forward. Unsolder the [...]

Tuning Twin S.U.’s

After checking Plugs, Points and Timing, and removing & checking air cleaners, start by: Removing the Dashpots and Pistons, and then equalise the needle lengths by 'walking' them next to each other, after setting one with the shoulder flush with the base. Cleaning the inside of the dashpot and edge of the piston. Separating the Butterfly - throttle shaft [...]

Buying and Driving a Sprite or Midget

Why choose an old Sports-car like a Sprite or Midget? Old Classic and Historic cars of all descriptions have their own distinct individual appearance and characteristics. They are unique in the history of the automobile, and are quite different to today’s ‘homogenised’ (all-be-it safer) designs. Different cars from different eras appeal to different people, but the most important thing [...]

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